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Order Process

Below is a description of the ordering process. ​Please review and chat with us below if you have any questions that are not addressed. Thank you!

Step 1: Complete the questions on the order form with all details pertaining to your event and cake/cupcakes (date, time of delivery, design, servings, colors, and special requests).

Step 2: Once the form is complete, we will reach out to you via text, email, and/or phone call with any questions we have after reviewing your order form. If there are no questions, we will provide you with a price of your order. All quotes are valid for 5 days. Changes in factors such as cost of materials can result in a different price given at a different point in time.

Step 3: If you decide to move forward based on the price quoted to you, let us know and we will prepare and email a cake contract for your review. The cake contract outlines all of the details of your order along with payment instructions.

Step 4: Once you have reviewed the contract and decide to book, submit your 50% non-refundable deposit using one of the preferred methods written on page 3 of your cake contract. Full payment may be required for orders less than $100 at the time of booking. Payment via PayPal will result in an additional $10 fee. Also note, orders are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Payment is needed to confirm your order. 

Step 5. For orders less than $300.00, the final payment (50% of your order total) is due 2 weeks (14 days) before your event. For orders more than $300.00, the final payment (50% of your order total) is due 30 days before your event. Submit payment again using your preferred method from the options listed in your cake contract.

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